Product Bulk Upload

Download Sample CSV for reference.

For uploading referenced images in the CSV, folow below steps –

    1. Rename images in following format : “vendorid-imagename.jpg” . For e.g, if your vendor id is 24, then image names would be
      so on…

Note: Images size should be 1200px x 1200px OR 1:1 ratio

  1. Then, edit the sample csv
  2. Goto Column AS
  3. Edit the url, and write as :  . For e.g, if your vendor id is 24, then complete url would be
    YEAR – Write in format 2018
    MONTH – Write in format “06” for “June”
  4. Upload The modified CSV and “images in a zip folder“.

Upload CSV file

Note: maximum 500 products to be uploaded at once.

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